Session 1: What Time is  It?

(Flexible Track)


Welcome to the first session of the summer conference flexible track.

Message - Part 1

Bible Passage: Matthew 24:3-14

Food for Thought

  • Why did the Lord choose to give us signs that precede His coming?
  • Is it necessary?
  • Why did He call them the beginning of birth pains?
  • What has happened to each of these signs: in the last 60, 30, or even 15 years?

Message - Part 2

Bible Passage: Matthew 24:3-14

Personal Reflection

Use these questions to guide your individual prayer and journaling time.

  1. In this session, we went over a lot of the "signs" and how we are seeing them in the world around us. What are some specific examples that we have noticed ourselves (e.g. in the news, on social media)?

  2. How have these catastrophes changed your mindset on life, how you live your life, and your relationship with God? What have you decided to invest more/less time into?

  3. In light of all of everything that is happening, what can/should we as Christians do?


Here are some prayer prompts for your group prayer time if you are watching the session as a group, or for your individual prayer time if you are watching on your own.

  1. Pastor Paul has given many examples of Christians today being persecuted all over the world. Are there any other examples or stories you've heard of?

  2. Here in Canada, we do not suffer the same types of persecution that those in other places in the world suffer (our odds of dying or ending up in jail for our faith are very low compared to some other places in the world). Yet, we suffer from other types of "persecution". For example, we we live in a very narcissistic culture driven by money, possession, and accomplishments. What are some more subtle persecutions that we face that we might not notice on the surface? What are some that we struggle with? What are some that you feel a conviction towards changing?

  3. Even if we might not be experiencing much suffering or persecution right now, these times will inevitably come. How can we prepare ourselves for those times? What are we doing at the moment to prepare?

  4. Compile a list of things you can pray for (places in the world that are suffering at the moment, places in the world where Christians are being persecuted, personal struggles and persecutions we are experiencing in our own lives at the moment). If you are watching the session as a group, work on compiling the list and praying through the items as a group.