Session 2: How Then Shall We Live?

(Flexible Track)


Welcome to the second session of the summer conference flexible track.

Message - Part 1

Bible Passage: Matthew 24:42-44

Food for Thought

  • Does Jesus know you?
  • Do you have the assurance of Eternal Life (i.e. the indwelling of the Holy Spirit)?
  • Why are you dragging your feet?

The Moment of readiness will never come! What at stake is your Eternal Life!

Message - Part 2

Bible Passage: Matthew 24:42-44

Food for Thought

  • Desire to please Him: being called “Good and faithful servant”
  • Desire to be with Him: “Come and share our master’s happiness!”

The first disciples are driven to stand firm and live with a sense of mission and purpose. What about you - why are you a Christian, a disciple of Jesus Christ?

Individual Silent Prayer

You may use these questions to guide your individual prayer time.

  1. One of the main messages of this parable is the fact that we don't know when God will come, so we have to ALWAYS be ready. How do you feel about the fact that there is no "break" and that we must always be on our guard?

  2. In the Parable of the Ten Virgins, half were prepared and half were not. On a scale of one to ten (one being "haven't started", ten being "I'm ready!"), how prepared do you feel for Jesus' return right now?

  3. How are you doing with fulfilling the responsibilities that God has given you at the moment (e.g. to do your best academically as a student, to give a Christ-like witness to those we serve and work for as an employee, to raise God-fearing children as a parent)? If Jesus came back today, how would you feel? Proud? Embarrassed?

  4. In the last session, we discussed what Christians can do and how we can prepare ourselves. How did your list from before compare with the list that Pastor Paul has shared in this session?